Balloon Lagoon Base Layouts (Top 10 Base Layout with Links )

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Balloon Lagoon base layout when unlocked provides a new troop which is typically air troop. Balloon Lagoon base has extra defences like Rocket Artillery which is the most dangerous building in the whole base.

Water body pattern change is seen along with scenery and mountains will be able to appear soon. Previous defences should be level up for better chances to perform on raid weekends.

Another good thing about Clan Capital Balloon Lagoon is that it brings a mighty flying troop called Flying Fortress. Flying Fortress is a major and centre attacking unit while having fun with raids.

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Balloon Lagoon Base Layout

Balloon Lagoon base layout

Get this Balloon Lagoon base link so players can easily copy paste base and practice on this village or plan for future raid weekend's. This will surely reward with capital gold and raid medals.

How to Unlock Flying Fortress

  • Upgrade Capital Hall level 2
  • Unblock Balloon Lagoon base
  • Contribute to build Flying Fortress workshop
  • Boom! You got Flying Fortress COC troop

Balloon Lagoon base

Balloon Lagoon Level 1

Balloon Lagoon level 1 base is simple for the army to take down as it is normally powerful and has no strongest building like Capital hall.

Also flying Fortress has high chances to 3 stars with just 2 raids while it may take 4 to 5 attacks for other groups' army if Balloon Lagoon level 1 base layout is strong enough just like present here.

Coming to next, Balloon Lagoon level 2 base will be a great base as rocket artillery and other Clan Capital defences would have been maxed to some extent.

Balloon Lagoon Level 2

Balloon Lagoon level 2

Good ideal way to deal with clan Capital army is to build Balloon Lagoon level 2 base layout for upcoming and future raids. This can earn you a good position in the clan.

Upgradation of capital peak to level 4 unlocks Balloon Lagoon district. To upgrade capital peak and unlock the balloon lagoon will need 100,000 capital gold. New troops as well the defences are unlocked with Balloon Lagoon.

Balloon Lagoons unlocks the new troop; Rocket Balloon. In addition, troop’s housing spacing remains 105 i.e. same as the previous level. But here the levels of previous troops like battle rams and minion hordes reaches level 2.

COC Base : Capital Peak Layout

Balloon Lagoon level 1

Balloon Lagoon


  • 4 Rapid Rockets
  • 12 Cannons
  • 2 Multi Cannons
  • 2 Bomb Towers
  • 9 Spear Throwers
  • 2 Air Defence
  • 2 Rocket Artilleries
  • 2 Crushers

In total there are almost 35 defences. This amount of defence makes it very hard to destroy. Though most of the defences like cannons (12) and multi cannons (2) are ground targeted, they can be avoided by using air troops. New troop Rocket Balloon can be used to make a new attack strategy for Balloon Lagoon.

Clan Capital Balloon Lagoon

Rapid Rockets

Rapid Rockets can reach level 5 at max. The damage per second of rapid rockets at max level is 530, burst fire is 5 shots, damage per hit is 231 while the hit-points are 1,900. Its favourite targets are any, it is single targeted and attacks only air troops.

To upgrade it to max level Capital Peak level 10 is required while the Balloon Lagoon’s district hall level 5 is must.

Multi Cannons

At maximum its level can reach up to 5 with 2 multi cannons numbers till end. At max level it has damage per second of 333, damage per shot is 120 and hit points are 2,800. Nulti cannon is a single target weapon which attacks only ground troops. It doesn’t play favourites and has no favourite target.

In order to upgrade it to max, the clan will require capital peak level 9 and district hall level 5 with a contribution of 45,000 capital gold.


Cannons are very common from home village to district halls. The cannon situated here has the damage per second of 150 and hit-points of 1,450. Cannon comes with a single target with no area splash.

Though the cannon here has slow attacking speed, in total it deals heavy damage to the attacker. Drawback of the cannon is that it attacks only ground targets. Therefore, the air troops can take down the cannons with no effort.

Bomb Tower

Same as cannon, bomb tower too is found in village home base. Unique ability of bomb tower is it burst when destroyed. Summons like skeletons stands no chance surviving the burst of bomb tower.

Bomb tower has ability of area splash which deals heavy damage to group of attacker troops. It too has no favourite target and attacks only ground troops.

Spear Thrower

Very intimidatingly, it throws spears at the attacking troops both in air and on ground too. It is a single targeted defence which too has no favourite target. I.e., it attacks any troop that it sees first.

Spear thrower has the plus point that it Clan Capital Army all troops whether air or ground.

Air Defence

As the most of the defences in balloon lagoons are ground targeted, air defence completes the drawback. Air defence is considered very deadly against the flying swarms. Though it is single targeted, it deals huge damage to it.

But it too comes with a drawback - it can’t protect itself from ground troops. Ground troops can take air defence down in no time.


Rocket Balloon

Rocket Balloon is a heavy dealing troop that is very lethal for its first few seconds. It has the special ability to be in rage mode for the first 4 seconds of its deploy. Rocket Balloons has favourite targets i.e., defences.

Rocket Balloons deal area splash with huge damage per second. If the rocket balloons are available in the village base, all the maxed bases will be three started very easily. Rocket Balloon is a little slow in attacking after the first 4 seconds.

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