Boom Beach Tribal Bonuses Event Approaches in May Season

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Boom Beach Tribal Bonuses

Boom Beach May Events have made an entry into Boom Beach players. Boom Beach Tribe Bonuses are added to the game as this event moves further. This series of bonuses will last over the entire season of May. Boom Beach players should grab tribe bonuses in order to move further into advancement of the beach base.

Boom Beach Tribe helps players in quests which ultimately unlock new rewards and powers that upgrade the whole base of Boom Beach. Tribe being non-player, they are a friendly group that helps while attacking evil enemies. Boom Beach Tribe are classified into 6 types as per their power and roles.

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Boom Beach Tribe Bonuses

Boom Beach Tribe Map

Boom Beach Tribe Bonuses is an upcoming event that has brought multiple features into one place. Extraordinary benefits can be claimed while raiding enemy bases for loot or building Task Force and attacking with teamwork.

Tribe Bonuses

  • Spiritdancer Tribe ( Gold Resources Boost )
  • Firespike Tribe ( Heavy Damage Boost )
  • Iceguard Tribe ( Cannon Damage Boost )
  • Lifewell Tribe ( Power Stone Chance increased )
  • Emburfery Tribe ( Rifleman HP Boost)
  • Frostbanner Tribe ( Flamethrower HP Boost )

Boom Beach Tribal Bonus

Spiritdancer Tribe

Spiritdancer Tribe are well expertised in the field to provide supportive attack to troops of players. Spiritdancer Tribe plays a major role in improving chances to achieve Power Stone. Also supports increasing GBE in Boom Beach battles.

New May season brought an increase in the power of Gold resources which can easily boost gold with more quantity generated for better gold loot. This boost is considered as one of the most beneficiary events that can provide gold in the fastest way until the offer runs out.

Firespike Tribe

Firespike Tribe is well known for its attacking nature during raids. Generally Firespike damages enemy defences with enormous loss of strength while new tribe bonus has increased it's Heavy Damage Power at higher level.

Firespike Tribe holds a gun which is loaded with hundreds or even thousands of bullets that are ready to pierce into an opponent 's building and enemy beach. Heavy Damage is another special ability that players can enjoy while using Firespike like a pro Boom Beach gamer.

Iceguard Tribe

Iceguard Tribe is a specialised tribe that protects bases with defensive strategy. Iceguards basically protect hence called as Iceguard due to the profession they hold. 

Special power of cannon damage boost is added to some extent that will allow players to safeguard troops and base for a little longer. Iceguard Tribe are one of best defence tribes that are always welcomed by Boom Beach.

Lifewell Tribe

Lifewell Tribe focuses on production of resources on a large scale to level up defence and building required for a steady base. Excessive production of gold also rewards players with plenty of bonuses. 

At this level, Power Stone Chance ability has been increased to satisfy better requirements of resources. Power Stone surely helps to earn better tribe bonuses remain source for free resources to train troops and other purposes.

Emberfuring Tribe

Emberfuring Tribe and Firespike share a common specialisation i.e. Attacking. Emberfuring Tribe can be considered as one of the strongest attacking tribes. To unlock it, Headquarter and Radar Level 20 is required.

Emberfuring Tribe is given the status of red analogue and is located in the south of map (Highlighted in orange colour in given map). It is well specialised in increasing the health of troops.

Frostbanner Tribe

A tribe well acquainted and specialised in defences. It requires Radar Level and Headquarter Level 20. Frostbanner tribe is located in the North-East and highlighted with purple colour in the map.

As Frost Banner tribe is specialised in Defence, it increases 9% health of defence specially cannon.

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