Bot Drop Brawl Stars Event has arrived

Bot Drop Brawl Stars Event
Image Via Brawl Stars

Supercell has introduced a event called Bot Drop in Season 12 update in Brawl Stars. In the event, there are two teams of three players each along with Robots. The main goal here is to destroy the bots. Players fight against the invasion of bots, destroys them and winds bolts. When a team is able to collect 8 points, it wins.

Each bot spawns air troops and attacks whoever attacks it first. If nobody decides to attack it, it stays still. Bots has different types and also has great amount of health.

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Bot Drop - 7 New Maps

With introduction of Bot Drop event, developers have introduced almost 7 new maps. This maps will surely ensure the performance and entertainment of its users.

7 New Maps are:

  • Devolution
  • Var Verde
  • Brawl of the Worlds
  • Bots Attack
  • Departure
  • The Bot
  • A Loud Place

Tips to Kill Bots in Brawl Stars

Bot Drop Brawl Stars event will lead player team victory once property strategy is planned and followed. Brawl Stars tips are present here which will surely help during battle a lot.

Using Bot Drop when having full power and ammo to kill opponent bot drop robots while being defensive once you're left with less strength or ammo. This can be better strategy for battle during Bot Drop event of Brawl Stars.

Distracting robots when two of teammates attack enemy and other one kills Bot Drop is most effective techniques to win battle. Be better prepared when Bot Drop Boss respawns as it is tougher to take them off with less members in team.

Bots won't attack you until you attack it first. Whenever it is still,  they decay with time. It is great time to attack when they have very less health left.

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