Brawl Stars Chromatic Janet Glitch and Bugs Reported ( New )

Jay Kakade

Brawl Stars Chromatic Janet Glitch

Brawl Stars Season 12 brought Chromatic Brawler Janet was recently introduced as a new Brawler in the family of Brawl Stars. There are plenty of glitches and bugs seen while playing battles. Glitches found in Chromatic Janet were found to be rare as Supercell tries to release the best version of any troops in Brawl Star or any other game in this universe.

As soon as Chromatic Janet brawler made its way to play battles in multiple modes, players started to get interruptions due to these glitches. While most YouTube channels targeted this glitches and bugs and eventually this was known to every Brawl Stars. Recently Bot Drop event in Brawl Stars has started which is most awaited event of all time.

Brawl Stars Chromatic Brawl Janet Glitches

Brawl Stars Chromatic Janet

There are just a few glitches and sometimes they are referred to as bugs while most players have seen to be disappointed as Chromatic Janet is premium skin which comes only when Brawl Stars Pass is purchased with real money.

Following are glitches in Brawl Star Janet

  • Glitch when Chromatic Janet lands in Wall
  • Chromatic Janet lands in Water Glitch
  • Respawning Teammate Glitch
  • Janet goes outside Brawl Stars Map glitch
  • Using Gadget on Water Glitch with Brawler Janet
  • Glitch seen when space is occupied in Sprout

Chromatic Janet Lands in Wall Glitch

Chromatic Janet is character that can fly with throwing exploding bombs on opponents Brawler. When Janet tries to land on the Wall from the surroundings, very unexpected behaviour is seen. Janet falls off the wall with no reason to do so. This has been one of most recognised glitch with Chromatic Janet

Chromatic Janet Lands in Water

Janet submerges into the water body when it falls into water after its fuel power is diminished. At this moment, Janet is no longer able to move for a fraction of a second but this disturbs the whole strategy and battle. This glitch might be fixed soon by Supercell within a few days.

Respawning Teammate Glitch

When one or many Teammates loses in battle, once again the character starts to respawn or starts to enter the arena after a couple of seconds. Janet can attack respawning teammates while unnecessary animation is added which adds no value to strength or lose of character. This glitch makes no disturbance as part of battle but still Brawl Stars players didn't like it.

Chromatic Janet goes outside of Map glitch

No Brawler including Janet is allowed to fight outside of Brawl Stars map as it's the place where battle starts and ends. Outside the playing area is scenery which is just for better visuals while Chromatic Janet can damage in this area which seems to be a very unfair glitch for players. This sometimes is seen to be part of fun but mostly it is considered as bug or a glitch that remains to be fixed.

Other glitch including Janet cannot perform its directed work when extra space is occupied by other Brawler inside the sprout area as it is not able to fly. This makes her stuck at a place for a long time where others can attack her to damage.

Last glitch is found when Chromatic Jan fires shots into water. No effect on water is seen even if multiple shots are fired into the water body. When fuel ends there is still no motion of Janet as it falls into water. These glitches are small but yet disturbs the gaming experience of Brawl Stars players. Supercell will try to fix these glitches as fast as possible to make fun available to each player.

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