Builders Workshop Base Layouts (Top Base With Links)

Builders Workshop Base Layout

In clan capital, the 5th district unlocked is Builders Workshop. Clan needs to take capital peak level 5 to unlock the builders workshop. Unlocking builders' workshops will enable players to use new troops like raid carts and skeleton barrels.

Though the capital peak is the hardest district to destroy, a builders workshop can add some difficulties to attackers. In order to do so, one will need the best base layout of a builders workshop.

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Builders Workshop Base Layout

Builders Workshop Base Layout

Attacking in clan capital is little different from other villages. Attackers can’t attack from any side they want. Only a small area is given to deploy troops. So we can make full use of the flaw provided by supercell.

Therefore we can make our builders workshop’s layout adapted to this area. We will try to keep the district hall at the centre or protected by the defences.

This will need more attacks from attackers and will be beneficial for us. Clan will get more capital gold for every district left un-destroyed. So, the builder workshop's base layout will consist of a district hall surrounded by buildings.

Builders Workshop Level 1 Base Layout

Builders Workshop Base Layout

Walls are great in keeping our district and village safe against invaders. It keeps troops in line of fire for our defences. Wall can be used to protect major defences.

Base layouts of Builders Workshop will use the same strategy. It will protect main defences like Blast Bow and Giant Cannon.

District Hall is little powerful which can resist damage till 7,000 i.e. the builders workshop has hit points of 7000. It needs to be upgraded to unlock additional buildings in the district.

Builders Workshop’s district hall can be protected without using any wall. But How? Well, this district contains rocky mountains. Setting the district hall next to mountains will block one side of attackers.

Builder Workshop Base Design

Builders Workshop Base Design

Builders Workshop is rich in its scenery. It contains a water pond with clean blue water. Water is transported via a small canal to other ponds as well. As usual, mostly the villages are set on the bank of the river. Same is true here too.

At 4 o’clock, there is an entry to the district. Entrance is well formed with steps, and pillars are erected with beautiful structures surrounding it.

Some of the places in the builder's workshop contain crystals. Unfortunately can’t be taken away by attackers and also by base owners.

If noticed carefully, at 10 o’clock, there is also an entrance which is guarded by a barbarians statue. This can be a tribute to the most old troops we use, even from TH2.

River here is made through two waterfalls and there is a bridge to cross the river. At the end of the bridge there is a badge of the clan.

Many of the land pieces are floating in the air. We can say the land here has some magical powers hidden inside it. You can too see this by just zooming out of the builders workshop, as much as possible. 

This floating land has crystals grown on them. As said, it can't be looted either.

Capital Hall Base Layout

Builders Workshop Base Layout

Builders Workshop Level 2 Base Layouts

Level 2 will also come up with new buildings. New buildings can be used to surround the base or protect district hall. Most of the base layouts do the same. Most players may miss the versatile development of the Builder Workshops level 2 design.

At 1 o’clock there are 3 swords. Half an area of swords is buried underground. This states the bravery of the clan and players.

Builders workshop comes with little ignorance to cleanliness. There are 2 large forests. These forests need to be cleared to make up new space. There is also a tree farm, which will also need to be done the same. Also the trunks.

Builders Workshop - New Troop

Builders Workshop - New Troop

Attack Strategy with Siege Carts

When Builders Workshop is unlocked, so is the siege cart. Siege carts are the new troops that come with builders' workshops and can be effectively used on raid weekend. It is very much similar to the cannon cart in builder base.

Characteristics of Siege Cart

  • Damage Per Second: 240
  • Hitpoints: 2,800
  • Targets: Ground
  • Movement Speed: 9
  • Housing Space: 30
  • Damage Type: Single Targeted

Siege carts can be used behind the giants. Giants will protect the siege carts from the defence attacking, while the carts will deal a heavy damage to defences.

This mutual understanding between both will prove to be very beneficial.

We can use a heal spell to protect giants and carts. Siege Carts have a special ability - siege carts can still attack after its death for some time. After its death, carts still has some Hit-points left and keeps on attacking till it is completely destroyed.

Builders Workshop - Defences

Builders Workshop Base Layout

  • Cannons: 6
  • Air Bombs: 3
  • Spear Thrower: 7
  • Air Defence: 6
  • Rapid Rockets: 3
  • Giant Cannon: 2
  • Multi Cannon: 3
  • Wizard Towers: 2
  • Multi Mortal: 2
  • Blast Bow: 1

Blast Bow

Builders Workshop has introduced a new defence called Blast Bow. Very powerful defence that has Damage Per Second of 170 with 4,800 Hit-Points, that too at level 1. It will increase with increase in level.

Blast bow has an arrow as big as the size of a tree with Area Splash. Group of troops has no chance of surviving against it. Blast Bow can Clan Capital Attack Strategy on ground as well as in Air.

As the Blast Bow is very strong, developers decided to give just 1 Blast Bow to each Builders Workshop district.

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