Top Ranked Capital Base Layouts (Best Base Layouts with Link)

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Clan Capital Layouts

Clan Capital Base Layout is one of the essential factors that can determine if your team will lose or get a victory. Not only the participation of players matters but how they attack with teamwork matters too. This is why, concept of building a highly secured village with COC Base Layout is put forth by many experts.

Clan Capital Base Layout

Capital Peak

  • High Hit point of 18,000
  • Extreme damage per second : 100
  • Range : 15 Tiles
  • Favorite Target : Any

clan capital base layout

Apart from attacking areas, defences play a vital role in every raid weekend. So there will be a requirement of Clan Capital Base Layout Link for instant results that will make it difficult for opponents to earn raid medals.

Base Link : Clan Capital Base Layout

Capital Hall

  • Primary Defence
  • Weapon loaded building
  • Long range
  • Area Splash
  • Can kill troops in healing spell

clan capital base layout link

Demands on Capital Peak Layout COC has expectations on how a base should be built which can secure the capital hall even if a pro attacker joins the battle.

In order to have the best clan capital base labour, there should be a clear idea of defences, troops, walls and other factors including scenery. Unlike the previous level, Capital Hall 2 base layout turns out to be different in terms of everything from strength to capital army.

Capital Hall Base Layout

Capital Hall Level 2

  • Called heart of Capital
  • Hit points : 14,000
  • Damage per second : 80
  • Damage type : Area Splash

capital hall 2 base layout

Supercell has provided the option to build its own base or copy paste base layout from the link. Both of these options are great when compared from player to player. Some players have been playing COC for years so they have a clear cut idea of COC Clan Peak Layout.

Base Design : Barbarian Camp Base Layout

Barbarian Camp Layout

Barbarian Camp level 1

Similar thing is expected in the Barbarian Camp Layout. First level is normal while players get confused as things get messy after several upgrades of COC Capital Hall Base Layout.

capital peak layout coc

New defence makes it tougher to three star while spells add more flavour to clan capital attack strategy. This is continue to happen every time for weekly basis just like infinity loop

Barbarian Camp level 2

  • Upgraded version
  • Spells unlocked
  • Tougher than before
  • Amazing decorations

COC Capital Layout can be classified into a variety of types like Air or ground type. Anti Capital Hall or anti 3 star are one of the most powerful war bases. It is suggested to have the most secured village for a clan with help of Clan Capital Base Link. Grab this one time offer to get a premium base layout for free.

barbarian camp layout

Usually level 2 of any district will have drastic changes in attacking as well as clan capital army composition. Barbarian Camp and Wizard Valley unlock beneficial spells like Healing spells which help players and their teammates for a long time.

This is right time to convey yourself to have Clan Capital Base Layout Level 2 for surprising winning strike in upcoming raids

Players have faced problems to protect Clan Capital Base Layout level 2 while troops lead winning celebrations as their struggle was worth it. Super Wizards and Giants are a powerful combination which can easily defeat the Clash of Clans base layout.

coc capital peak layout

Capital peak has a capital hall which works similar to eagle artillery that attacks troops with area splash. While it is limited to certain tiles of range. Using the Capital Peak Layout COC is best to surprise the whole clan by defending the base against many attacks to conquer a single base.

Capital Hall can easily kill troops while they are present in healing spells. This seems to be really frightening but still players are able to take down the whole base.

coc capital hall base layout

That is why new features should be fulfilled with the Capital Hall w base layout link. Make sure to copy layout for instance results than to regret later.

Capital Hall Level 2 is generally unlocked by most clans while some have successfully constructed a capital hall base layout. This is not an easy task as most players have no skill or ability that can make them look cool within the clan by doing this type of stuff.

clan capital base link

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