COC Clan Capital Base Layouts with Links (BEST)

Every clan capital needs most powerful base layout. Here are TOP Ranked base layouts for Capital Peak, Capital Hall, Barbarian Camp and many more.
COC Clan Capital base Layouts
COC has surprised every player with its biggest update of Clash of Clans Capital Base Layout. Since the release of this update, infinitely many new strategies are to be formed by pro players as well as gamers.

Beside this, every clan requires clan capital base layout in order to form relevant and anti 3 star defence systems to defend against attackers.

Our mission is to provide the best and high quality clan capital base layout link so COC players can save time spent on making base design while there is no guarantee that such base link may work very well.

Let's get started to collect the best clan capital base layout.

Clan capital base layout

COC Clan Capital Base Layouts

Clan Capital Base Layout

Clan Capital is a group of different districts that work as a team to make it a vast Kingdom. Clan capital layout means getting a blueprint of each and every base for creating unbeatable capitals during raids.

Numerous clans compete to earn capital gold while some successfully clear all the levels to reach capital hall while most struggle to reach at higher level due to lack of attacking skills.

 Here comes the concept or simple tips like Clan capital base layout copy link to get instant layout within seconds and start practising to see real magic

Clan capital base layout link

Layout Design : Clan Capital Base 

Capital Hall 2 Base Layout

Capital indirectly refers to capitol peak. Capital Hall 2 Base Link is made available to provide excellent supply of multiple layouts.

New buildings make it hard to decide on structure while experts in COC can easily get one of the most desired bases that can change the nature of a raid weekend.

It is obvious to understand the toughness level of Clan Capital base layout level 2 as newest defences and traps are to be welcomed that blows mind off attacks for the very first time.

This is why Supercell has provided an easier way to deal with it. Keep on practising through challenges for sure success.

Capital Peak Layout COC

Capital peak layout coc

Capital Peak is the first base to be unlocked while the centre main district has no competitor in terms of power. Not only defences from sub districts are available into this base but capital hall attacks with high damage that kills troops within healing spell too.

Players are seen with hesitation to attack this base and fear to attack while chances to destroy are significantly lower than their expectations.

Let's get work and understand better about COC capital peak layout through its base design and links. Most buildings support defences while they work as a distraction to troops and gradually weakens the whole attacking army.

Capitol Peak Base Layout

Capitol peak layout

Since announcements clarified that Raids will take place weekly so Capitol Peak Layout COC can be easily tested and thus improvement is done for better outcome and visibility compared to previous one.

Benefit of having extreme high and tough hit points of capitol hall makes the situation for attackers worse than before. Capital hall loads shots that attack constantly in limited range and spares no troop. It deals with area damage and leaves unsuccessful raid by player.

Capital Peak level 2 layout

Capital Peak level 2 layout includes next level powerful defence with hidden traps and path stopping walls. Everything matters as much but still troops are the same so there are definite chances of winning capital peak level 2 higher due to these factors.

COC capital peak layout

Wizard Valley Layout

There is a requirement of Best Clan capital army in order to get results that will be expected by clan members.

Clan Capital Base Layout Level 3

As progress is made, more modifications are required in defence. Clan Capital Army is ready with spells and upgraded troops and this all starts from Clan Capital Base Layout Level 3. More focus as well as capital gold is required to level up even small quantities of ruined buildings.

Some attack strategies like wizards with giants work as well as using minions instead of barbarian and archer when air defences are mission out is preferred.

Capital hall base layout

This is one of the coolest techniques in Capital hall 3 base layout during which the following districts are to be taken down. 

Players are needed to focus not only on building but traps like Mega mine and log trap as they work perfectly for low hit point troops. There is a significant rise in housing space capacity in Capitol peak level 3 layout which needs to be counterbalanced by suitable heavy bases including anti air and ground army.

 Same applies with other villages where Capital Peak level 3 layout is used instead and additional defences and beautiful decorative ruins are present.

Barbarian Camp Layout

Barbarian camp layout

Barbarian Camp Layout

Barbarian Camp unlocks a lot of new mysteries in both attacking and defensive ways. Limited troops with no spell make it look impossible to clear base while some hopes are crushed by upper levels of base.

Each base can only be cleared with help of multiple attacks for any position. Barbarian Camp level 1 layout is pretty simple to learn about working of new buildings and test the power of troops. 

Soon players understand how hard it could be if the base is properly aligned and has plenty of traps and protection. This type of thing matters mostly not only at max base layout but also in normal cases too.

As contribution takes place heavily, Barbarian Camp level 2 base layout is introduced to whole clan members. Repeated series and loop to upgrade runes and build war base begins. This is the real meaning of true enjoyment with whole members.

Barbarian Camp Level 2 Layout

Barbarian camp level 2 layout

First sub division or district that consists of most difficulty in snatching a win against defence but many players have managed to go through it. Barbarian Camp layout level 2 is enormous but army space is making it a balanced way to fight.

It is better to produce extraordinarily tough defensive mechanisms that will trick troop algorithms and victory will be ours. In order to get Level 2, players need to get their capital peak to level 2 while it is easy initially, players lose their interest in the contribution of capital gold for fast upgrades

Barbarian Camp Level 3

Barbarian Camp level 3 layout still differs a lot after many changes that it makes when new troops and defences make their way to top ranks.

It is always preferred to max up defence, then move forward for traps and walls. Later on walls can be done but they play a crucial role in making morale down by showing how wealthy our clan capital is. 

Finally, decorative items like campsites, clan houses, stone structures, logs, trucks, and large forests should be taken out from ruins.
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