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Clan Capital Base Layout

Capital Peak is the main district which unlocks only when other lower district bases are fully destroyed with 3 stars. It looks good to strengthen Capital Peak Base layout with important defences attacking while covering most of the area.

Now is the right time to plan COC Base Layout when the army is very weak compared to defences present. The COC capital peak layout provided here will be the best thing to carry on winning raid weekend strikes for each Clan Capital.

Clash of Clans : Clan Capital Base Layout

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Clan Capital Base Layout Link

Clash of Clans Base Layout has plenty of base design and modes while some of this layout are more effective than most other useless Clan Capital Base Layouts that seek no ideal reason to build a base with the proper idea of raid. Capital Hall base layout is needed for each district for better performance during raid weekend.

Base Layout  : Clan Capital Attack Strategy (Best)

Clan Capital Base Layout

Barbarian Camp Base Layout Link

COC Clan Capital Base Layout

Barbarian Camp Level 1 comes with one District Hall, three army camps and three barracks. District Hall is the heart of the District with Hit-Points of 6,000 & One needs to upgrade District Hall to unlock additional buildings in the district.
COC Base Layout : Free Capital Gold

In barbarian Camp, there are three army camps which provide districts with extra space for troops. It is the barbarian Camp level 1 where troops are unlocked. There are four barracks viz, Sneaky Archer Barracks, Super Barbarian Barracks, Battle Ram Barracks and Super Giant Barracks.

Clan Capital Barbarian Camp Base Layout

When barracks are built, troops are unlocked. In the new update of clan capital, there is no laboratory. One clan needs to upgrade the barracks level to increase the level of troops. Barbarian Camp - Level 1 Defence
General buildings and facts are stated earlier. Here are the defences that are unlocked with barbarian camp upgrade.

Defences in Barbarian Camp ( level 1 )

  • 4 Cannons
  • 2 multi cannons
  • 4 air defences
  • 2 multi-Mortals
  • 2 spear throwers
  • 2 bomb towers
  • 2 Mines (Traps)

Clan Capital Base Layout Link : Clan Capital Defences

Clan Capital Barbarian Camp Base Layouts

Base layouts are the most important for protecting your districts. When all the buildings are upgraded and unlocked, you can rearrange the layout. In clan capital, only the co-leaders and leader can change the base layout.

Clash of Clans Clan Capital Base Layout

When creating a base layout for a barbarian camp, keep in mind to protect defences either with the walls or surrounding defences with buildings. When defences are surrounded by other buildings (camps, barracks etc.), troops are distracted and our defences take down their troops. There are very less probability  to withstand Base layout without Attack Strategy for Clan Capital in Raid Weekend.

When defences are surrounded by walls, the attacker needs to use a battle ram. Here their one set is occupied. If defences are not protected with walls, the attacker might attack with more giants than using battle rams.

Barbarian Camp ( Level 2 )

Barbarian Camp Base Layout

Barbarian Camp unlocks and opens to be upgraded when Capital Peak reaches level 2. Barbarian Camp base layout is considered as the second most protected district in Clan Capital. Here are some Barbarian Camp Base layout links to help you build a better and undefeated base in COC.

COC Barbarian Camp base layout consisting of level 2 is more different and large compared to level 1 Barbarian Camp. New defences as well as upgrading older defences provides players with plenty of time to invest. Clash of Clans Barbarian Camp base layout is standing ahead of you to make sure that your each district counts as worthy as Capital peak.

Clan Capital Update : Raid Weekend

COC Barbarian Camp Base Layout Link

Defences in Barbarian Camp ( level 2 )

  • Cannon ( 2 more cannon added )
  • Spear Thrower ( 2 more added )
  • Air Defences ( level upgraded )
  • Air Bombs ( New )
  • Multi Mortar ( set of 2 )
  • Bombs Tower ( set of 3 )
  • Multi Cannon ( New )
  • Super Giant Post ( New )
  • Clan House, Barracks, Army Camps

Clan Capital Base Layout always differs in every district while when level up to the next district, vast difference in Base Layout is seen. This provides us with an idea to copy paste the Clan Capital base layout. This trick always works whether clan capital is at lower levels or higher levels. Keep in mind to select the best Capital Base Layout to increase chances of wasting more attacks of opponents on a single district.

COC Base Layout

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