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clan capital base layout

Clan Capital Base Layout is out now, be the first player from your group of friends to get a Clan Capital base layout link. Here we will provide an essential base layout and it's significantly related to Wizard Valley.

Wizard Valley consists of super hard troops that are hard to defend against, but when players use the Clan Capital Base Layout for Wizard Valley, chances to win will rise exponentially during raid weekend events of Clash of Clans.

Wizard Valley is locked until Clan Capital Peak is upgraded to level 3. This seems very easy but contribution of large Capital Gold is required in order to upgrade Clan Capital Peak Base Layout toward that threshold.

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clan capital base layout link

Once it is upgraded, it takes no time to build and contribute to Wizard Valley Base. As new districts get unlocked, difficulty to raid and 3 star bases increases as well as power and housing space of troops too goes up.

Clan Capital Base Layout

Wizard Valley Base Layout ( Level 1 )

COC clan capital base layout

Wizard Valley is a vast Base which surely requires Base Layout from expert COC players to situate each defence and building at the right place. Other than old defences, new and more powerful and extreme damage defences are ready to be built from ruins and level up them.

Here are different types of Clan Capital Base Layout in COC especially for Wizard Valley to build fierce defence with the following Base Layout. Players may copy and paste this Base Layout for a quick and easy way to proceed further towards base.

Clan Capital Base Layout : Clan Capital Base Design 

Clan Capital Wizard Valley Base Layout

Generally, the main building in Wizard Valley Base Layout is Super Wizard Tower which has the special ability to damage with area splash over large areas with highly accurate speed.
Clan Capital Base Layout Link : Capital Attack Strategy ( 3 Stars )

Overall states, Defences in Wizard Valley are getting strong but with the arrival of Spells like Healing spell, army troops have made effective progress to destroy Base as fast as possible.

best clan capital base layout

Defences in Wizard Valley Base Layout ( Level 1)

  • Super Wizard Towers. ( Set of 4 )
  • Raid Cart Post ( set of 2 )
  • Spell Factory
  • Walls
  • Previous Defences

Wizard Valley ( level 1 ) is one of hardest bases to destroy using some Best Clan Capital Army but imagine what will be the outcome when Clan Capital Base Layout Link is available and the player has used it. This is why we are providing the best base layout for every district of Clan Capital. Lots of people have successfully got their own Clan Capital from our website.

There is new feature of water and lakes in Wizard Valley which group troops can not cross without help of frost spells. Also it becomes a little tricky to deploy troops when the army cannot work with proper teamwork. Hence, most of Base layout are designed in such way water body lies as part of layout of its base.

Wizard Valley Base Layout ( Level 2 )

COC clan capital base design

Clan Capital Base Layout has seen steady increment in defence as well as army power but Capital District number 3 is Wizard Valley which takes a dangerous turn after upgrading to level 2. Super Wizard Tower is levelled up and its area splash with massive speed makes no troop stay alive unless spells are used.

Clan Capital Base Layout has surely the best planned base link which is Wizard Valley of level 2. This is an amazing base to attack as well as more worthy to watch how players feel under pressure while attacking it.

clan capital base link

COC has made this Base layout in such a way that even top players are a little nervous to attack. They scout and make strategies without directly attacking. This is a major point changing match for Clan Capitals.

Following features of Wizard Valley Base Layout ( Level 2 )

  • Upgrade of Super Wizard Tower ( level 2 )
  • Air Bombs available
  • Cannon, Spear Thrower and Air defence upgraded
  • Traps and more building
  • Arrival of Raid Cart Post

clash of clans capital base layout

This factor makes Wizard Valley the best known deadly type Base Layout in Clan Capital. It's more important to get COC Clan Capital Base Layout than to build defences with your own ideas. There can be big mistakes that can ruin the whole defence and it will be an easy raid for opponents.

Clan Capital Base Layout feature is available and players are referred to build without any hesitation from below base layout link, if they are unsure of whether this base will work on or not, make sure to give a best try for Clan Capital Base Layout Link and be happy when i gives best results

clan capital layout

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