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Incredible Clan Capital Base Layouts (TOP Bases with Links)

Clan Capital Base Layouts with Links provided for Capital Peak as well as each and every Capital districts. Copy and Paste this Base Layouts
Clan Capital Base Layouts
Clash of Clans Clan Capital has arrived in every clan worldwide. With the arrival of Clan Capital, players are busy contributing capital gold to upgrade various ruins and build strong defenses that can withstand raids during raid weekends.

Clan Capital Base Layout

clan capital base layout
Currently, the highest priority should be given to the Clan Capital base layout link as it will last forever with awarding rewards like raid medals and capital gold.

Apart from this, Base Layout is a must-like thing to make the base look pro and strong. In order to defend the clan capital against raids, there is a need for a Clan Capital Base Layout which ensures the bases are perfect against every attack.

The Good Clair capital base includes stability and resistance to the ground as well as air attacks. Every building is placed after proper management of the base layout.
capital peak base layout

Whether it is a Capital Hall 2 base layout or any other Clan Capital Base, there is always a need for the best base layout which will be a game-changer strategy to win Clan Capital medals and rewards.

Here are some COC based layouts for Clan Capital and especially Capital Peak which people can easily copy and paste from the link provided below.
capitol peak base layout

Base Layouts

COC brought Clan Capital Update a few days ago, it consists of many new capital districts and capital halls but among all this. Capital Peak is the most important and focused base which the player needs to protect most from raids.

Capital Peak mostly has defences and walls excluding army camps, barracks, spells and other buildings.

Capital Peak layout COC is available for raid only when all the districts are fully destroyed. It clearly states, Capital Peak is the most important base in the whole Clan Capital.

Players should focus on contributing more capital gold to Capital Peak as compared to other districts. This will surely benefit each and every Clan Capital during the raid weekend that will start soon.

COC Capital Peak Layout

Clan capital layouts
Once Capital Peak is upgraded after unlocking all necessary buildings and decorations, the Barbarian Camp layout is available to build, which will play a major role in protecting districts as lower district halls need to be compulsorily destroyed to be able to attack the main hall.

Clashers seem to practice lots of new attack strategies at Barbarian Camp level 1 while higher levels will require perfect knowledge to boost chances of taking down halls within the fewest attacks.

Once players understand how the Barbarians Camp level 2 layout will work, that is a positive sign of a safe position for raids.

COC Clan capital base layout

Some new buildings like multi-mortars and traps are seen which provide a lot of damage to enemy troops but indeed can be defeated at Barbarian Camp level 1 layout as they are not yet upgraded to increase power.

It also requires huge capital gold and player's participation in order to unlock Barbarian Camp level 2.

Capital Peak Level 1

Clan Capital level 1 layout
When a Clan leader or co-leader starts Clan Capital to explore, the COC Capital Peak layout is the first base that is ready to be upgraded and starts building a huge base.

Initially Capital Peak level 1 starts where players contribute capital gold. Buildings are maxed out from ruins so that the maximum level capital peak can be built. Every Clan Capital Defences matter a lot.

Clan Capital level 1 base layout

Capital based layout will include all the necessary buildings while clan members are made to set up COC capital peak layout or just copy existing from base link from external help or friends.

There should be a clear cut idea while choosing the best layout from the following as it will definitely make your Capitol peak look awesome.

Clan capital base layout level 1

The following defences Capital Peak ( Level 1 ) has :

  • Cannon ( Set of 4 )
  • Spear Thrower ( Set of 4 )
  • Air Defense ( Set of 4 )
  • Mine ( set of 2 )
  • Wall
There are plenty of design and base layouts by which one can upgrade Capital Peak Level 1 to defend from getting destroyed completely.

Clan capital layout level 1

Capital Peak base link will soon be provided as soon as COC allows each clan to modify Base Layouts individually. Players can simply go to Capital Peak and copy paste the base layout and make it their own. It's that simple.

Troops in Capital Peak ( Level 1 ) are :

  • Barbarians ( level 1 )
  • Archer (level 1 )
Capital peak layout level 1

Capital Peak Level 2

As Capital Peak heads towards level 2, more fascinating buildings and defences as well as troops are unlocked. As level 2 of Capital Peak in Clan Capital is so vast, there is a requirement to have Base Layouts.

Clan capital level 2 layout
Here is the Base layout with a copy paste option to help your Clan Capital have the best layout ever found.

Capital Capital 2 Base Layout

The Clan Capital 2 base layout is important progress for any clan. This includes and involves the contribution of all clan members including leaders, co-leaders, elders as well as new member players.

Clan capital level 2 base layout

Clan Capital provides opportunities for small players to contribute in a base layout for instant respect value among clans and multiple other benefits too.

Clan Capital Hall base layout level 2 possesses an epic base design that blows the mind of the attacker along with heart stealing decorations like logs, trees and large forest.

Clan capital base layout level 2

It would be a great idea to implement a vast village to spread army troops while giving a small area to deploy troops during an attack with the army in clan capital raids.

The addition of a water body restricts all group troops while there is no availability of frost spells to freeze water, which surely makes it tougher for attackers.

The COC Capital Hall base layout can make its task easier while players are guided and provide ideas for better gameplay and defensive knowledge. That's why it is preferred to get a capital hall 2 base link if you are not sure on making a perfect design.

Clan capital layout level 2

Clan Capital Base Layout

Clash of Clans will continue to hold raid weekends every week. Each clan capital requires an extremely secure base layout that can actually protect even fierce attacks by enemy clan members.

For this purpose, there is a need for clan capital base layouts. Make use of base layout with links provided alongside and learn about its features. We aim to provide 100+ layouts for our COC players.

We provided layouts on following clan Capital Base Layout level 1
  • Clan Capital Base Layout Level 2
  • Clan Capital Base Layout Level 3
  • Clan Capital Base Layout Level 4
  • Soon added Level 5 and so on

Clan Capital Base Layout Level 1Clan Capital Base Layout

When clan leaders or co leaders start clan capital, this Capital Hall 1 base layout is pretty simple and teaches members about raids, defences and more.

New defences like spear thrower and traps are pretty new things that players need to learn and also clan capital army which indeed is required for collecting gold through weekly raids.

Features of Capital Hall 1 BaseAnti Air and Ground Design
Effectively working traps
Strongly secured Capital Peak 1 Base
Best Clan Capital Army too Fails
Using barbarian with archers at present time is considered as the strongest and most powerful army which fails to maximise damage to this layout.

With availability of no spells, this capitol peak 1 has enormous benefit for resistance against ground army.

Clan Capital Base Layout Level 2Clan Capital Base Layout

As soon as players focus on contributing a large amount of resources to clan capital base, slowly the village is upgraded to Capital Hall 2 base layout.

New troops and defences as well as experience of previous levels makes it easier for players to strengthen the village. Attacking side is somewhat better compared to defences now.

Features of Capital Hall 2 BasePerfect design again wizard and giants
Defences covering large are
Anti 2 Star against single attack
More than 4 attacks to destroy
Most players prefer to use supergiants to protect super wizards which destroy buildings and defences with area splash.

Here, capitol peak 2 acts as the best defence to protect the whole layout.

New army combinations can surely clean up while limited army composition is an issue that keeps this secured from pro attackers too.

Clan Capital Base Layout Level 3Clan Capital Base Layout

It takes hard work and a long time to reach this position. Not only the main base but capital districts like Barbarian Camp, Wizard Valley and Balloon Lagoon Layout are needed to upgrade.

Once clan upgrades to Capital Hall 3 base layout, there is again a vast journey of upgrading each building to the next level.

Features of Capital Hall 3 BaseExtremely Powerful Defences
  • Safeguarded with blocks and walls
  • Hidden Traps pops out
  • Multiple Distraction built

It's best to use spells to attack while Capitol peak 3 will try out with all its limits to stop the base from getting conquered.

Clan Capital Base Layout

Minions too are unlocked along with healing spells which will stay active for two raid attacks. Many players feel the base is getting lethal and unable to get victory.

Clan Capital Base Layout Level 4Climbing to a higher level is as difficult as reaching the legendary league. Just kidding but with the help of the whole team, there are chances to reach here by consuming some time.

Capital Hall 4 Base Layout is one of many that has no competition in terms of destruction weapons.

As to balance it, there lies multiple options of air troops along with previous ground troops.

Clan Capital Base Layout

Features of Capital Hall 4 Base
  • Anti Everything Base
  • Symmetrical Built layout
  • Upgraded version of Capital Hall
  • Healing, Lightning Rage Spell
  • Many Area Splash Defences
Players can easily try out new troops like hog raids and hog gliders. Also balloons and other armies. Look more about Dragon Cliffs Layout to understand defensive power and proper army for attacks.

Each player surely understands Capitol Peak 4 and about attacking for a perfect raid. Also leaders can choose to set most beneficial layout for extra capital raid medals

Builders Workshop Layout also needs attention in order to unlock new troops and spells which are essential to build the best clan capital army.

Dragon Cliff Base Layouts - Clan Capital

Clan Capital Base Layout
Dragon Cliffs is a sixth district hall in the clan capital. It is considered to be very difficult to fully destroy in three attacks. Averagely it takes up to 5 attacks to do so.

Dragon Cliffs derived its name from the stuffing of Clan Capital Super Dragon Strategy. Super Dragon Posts are very lethal to ground troops. Beware of it.

Clan needs to upgrade Capital Peak to level 5 to unlock Super Dragon Cliffs. This base comes with Super Dragon Troop too. To unlock Super Dragon, level 2 district hall is required.

Dragon Cliffs Base LayoutsClan Capital Base Layout

Dragon Cliffs Level Base LayoutsDragon Cliffs at max level i.e. 5, is the glory of its strengths. There are plenty of new defences introduced at this level. Super Dragon Posts are one of them.

Characteristics of Super Dragon Posts
  • Hit points: 7,000
  • Damage Per Second: 552
  • Favourite Targets: Any
  • Damage Type: Area Splash
  • Housing Space: 40
  • Movement Speed: 10

Super Dragon has the same dragon that floats on Super Dragon Cliffs. Both are considered to be very lethal to ground troops.

Clan Capital Base Layout

Ground troops possess no chance of survival against the Super Dragons. Super Dragon's deals continuous damage that is also spread to surrounding buildings too.

Defences in Dragon Cliffs District Hall
  • Super Dragon Posts: 6
  • Air Defence: 7
  • Wizard Tower: 4
  • Cannons: 8
  • Air Bombs: 2
  • Spear Thrower: 12
  • Zap Trap: 5
  • Bomb Tower: 3
  • Inferno Towers: 2
  • Blast Bow: 1
  • Log Trap: 1
  • Clan Capital Base Layout
Dragon Cliffs is not only good at its strength, but also rich at its scenic beauty. There are two entrances, one at the 12 o'clock and other at 6 o'clock. At the entry of 12 o’clock, there is a beautifully constructed bridge for crossing rivers.

River is created by a waterfall falling from an unknown source. (Maybe from the magical land of supercell.) This entrance is guarded by a barbarian statue, which is a tribute to the first troop all users ever used.

the 6 o'clock entry is considered to be a point for attackers. While the entry at 12 o'clock is a hideout for builders and their co-worker. Hideout is decorated with pillars. These pillars are decorative and can only be achieved through removal of obstacles.

Clan Capital Base Layout

Pillars sometimes are surrounded with magic bushes which also can be removed. COC Developers has induced Dragons Cliffs with some decorative line ups, such as Pillars, Great Pyre and some dead tree trunks.

If players notice, they will find some crystals grown randomly on the whole district’s surroundings. Though they seem precious (worth a billion) but they can't be touched by us as well as by attackers. There are also some magical floating lands in the surroundings of the district.

No-one knows what magical power is making the pieces of land to float on air. Same as the crystals, these lands are untouched. We can’t get on them, same goes for the attackers too.

As mentioned earlier, the river is formed by waterfall. Actually, the river is formed by two waterfalls. The second waterfall is on the left side. At the bank of the river on the left side, there is a statue of a wizard. Maybe a tribute.

This is not only for Dragon Cliffs. Other districts like capital peak too have the same scenic beauty. If you visit the Capital Hall, you will see a giant with a large key on its hand. The giant's head is covered with eggs laid by birds.

Builder Workshop Base Layouts

Clan Capital Base Layouts

In clan capital, the 5th district unlocked is Builders Workshop. Clan needs to take capital peak level 5 to unlock the builders workshop.

Unlocking builders' workshops will enable players to use new troops like raid carts and skeleton barrels.

Though the capital peak is the hardest district to destroy, a builders workshop can add some difficulties to attackers. In order to do so, one will need the best base layout of a builders workshop.

Builders Workshop Base LayoutClan Capital Base Layouts

Attacking in clan capital is little different from other villages. Attackers can’t attack from any side they want. Only a small area is given to deploy troops. So we can make full use of the flaw provided by supercell.

Therefore we can make our builders workshop’s layout adapted to this area. We will try to keep the district hall at the centre or protected by the defences.

This will need more attacks from attackers and will be beneficial for us. Clan will get more capital gold for every district left un-destroyed.

So, the builder workshop's base layout will consist of a district hall surrounded by buildings.

Builders Workshop Level 1 Base Layout

Clan Capital Base Layouts

Walls are great in keeping our district and village safe against invaders. It keeps troops in line of fire for our defences. Wall can be used to protect major defences.

Base layouts of Builders Workshop will use the same strategy. It will protect main defences like Blast Bow and Giant Cannon.

District Hall is little powerful which can resist damage till 7,000 i.e. the builders workshop has hit points of 7000. It needs to be upgraded to unlock additional buildings in the district.

Builders Workshop’s district hall can be protected without using any wall. But How? Well, this district contains rocky mountains. Setting the district hall next to mountains will block one side of attackers.

Builder Workshop Base DesignClan Capital Base Layouts

Builders Workshop is rich in its scenery. It contains a water pond with clean blue water. Water is transported via a small canal to other ponds as well. As usual, mostly the villages are set on the bank of the river. Same is true here too.

At 4 o’clock, there is an entry to the district. Entrance is well formed with steps, and pillars are erected with beautiful structures surrounding it.

Some of the places in the builder's workshop contain crystals. Unfortunately can’t be taken away by attackers and also by base owners.

If noticed carefully, at 10 o’clock, there is also an entrance which is guarded by a barbarians statue. This can be a tribute to the most old troops we use, even from TH2.

River here is made through two waterfalls and there is a bridge to cross the river. At the end of the bridge there is a badge of the clan.

Many of the land pieces are floating in the air. We can say the land here has some magical powers hidden inside it. You can too see this by just zooming out of the builders workshop, as much as possible.

This floating land has crystals grown on them. As said, it can't be looted either.

Clan Capital Base Layouts

Builders Workshop Level 2 Base LayoutsLevel 2 will also come up with new buildings. New buildings can be used to surround the base or protect district hall. Most of the base layouts do the same.

Most players may miss the versatile development of the Builder Workshops level 2 design.

At 1 o’clock there are 3 swords. Half an area of swords is buried underground. This states the bravery of the clan and players.

Builders workshop comes with little ignorance to cleanliness. There are 2 large forests. These forests need to be cleared to make up new space.

There is also a tree farm, which will also need to be done the same. Also the trunks.

Builders Workshop - New Troop

Clan Capital Base Layouts

Attack Strategy with Siege CartsWhen Builders Workshop is unlocked, so is the siege cart. Siege carts are the new troops that come with builders' workshops and can be effectively used on raid weekend. It is very much similar to the cannon cart in builder base.

Characteristics of Siege Cart
  • Damage Per Second: 240
  • Hitpoints: 2,800
  • Targets: Ground
  • Movement Speed: 9
  • Housing Space: 30
  • Damage Type: Single Targeted

Siege carts can be used behind the giants. Giants will protect the siege carts from the defence attacking, while the carts will deal a heavy damage to defences.

This mutual understanding between both will prove to be very beneficial.

We can use a heal spell to protect giants and carts. Siege Carts have a special ability - siege carts can still attack after its death for some time.

After its death, carts still has some Hit-points left and keeps on attacking till it is completely destroyed.

Builders Workshop - Defences

Clan Capital Base Layouts

Cannons: 6
Air Bombs: 3
Spear Thrower: 7
Air Defence: 6
Rapid Rockets: 3
Giant Cannon: 2
Multi Cannon: 3
Wizard Towers: 2
Multi Mortal: 2
Blast Bow: 1

Blast BowBuilders Workshop has introduced a new defence called Blast Bow. Very powerful defence that has Damage Per Second of 170 with 4,800 Hit-Points, that too at level 1. It will increase with increase in level.

Blast bow has an arrow as big as the size of a tree with Area Splash. Group of troops has no chance of surviving against it. Blast Bow can Clan Capital Attack Strategy on ground as well as in Air.

As the Blast Bow is very strong, developers decided to give just 1 Blast Bow to each Builders Workshop district.

Balloon Lagoon Base Layouts

Clan Capital Base Layouts

Balloon Lagoon base layout when unlocked provides a new troop which is typically air troop. Balloon Lagoon base has extra defences like Rocket Artillery which is the most dangerous building in the whole base.

Water body pattern change is seen along with scenery and mountains will be able to appear soon. Previous defences should be level up for better chances to perform on raid weekends.

Another good thing about Clan Capital Balloon Lagoon is that it brings a mighty flying troop called Flying Fortress. Flying Fortress is a major and centre attacking unit while having fun with raids.

Balloon Lagoon Base Layout

Clan Capital Base Layouts

Get this Balloon Lagoon base link so players can easily copy paste base and practice on this village or plan for future raid weekend's. This will surely reward with capital gold and raid medals.

How to Unlock Flying Fortress
Upgrade Capital Hall level 2
Unblock Balloon Lagoon base
Contribute to build Flying Fortress workshop
Boom! You got Flying Fortress COC troop

Clan Capital Base Layouts

Balloon Lagoon Level 1

Balloon Lagoon level 1 base is simple for the army to take down as it is normally powerful and has no strongest building like Capital hall.

Also flying Fortress has high chances to 3 stars with just 2 raids while it may take 4 to 5 attacks for other groups' army if Balloon Lagoon level 1 base layout is strong enough just like present here.

Coming to next, Balloon Lagoon level 2 base will be a great base as rocket artillery and other Clan Capital defences would have been maxed to some extent.

Balloon Lagoon Level 2

Clan Capital Base Layouts

Good ideal way to deal with clan Capital army is to build Balloon Lagoon level 2 base layout for upcoming and future raids. This can earn you a good position in the clan.

Upgradation of capital peak to level 4 unlocks Balloon Lagoon district. To upgrade capital peak and unlock the balloon lagoon will need 100,000 capital gold. New troops as well the defences are unlocked with Balloon Lagoon.

Balloon Lagoons unlocks the new troop; Rocket Balloon. In addition, troop’s housing spacing remains 105 i.e. same as the previous level. But here the levels of previous troops like battle rams and minion hordes reaches level 2.

Clan Capital Base Layouts

  • 4 Rapid Rockets
  • 12 Cannons
  • 2 Multi Cannons
  • 2 Bomb Towers
  • 9 Spear Throwers
  • 2 Air Defence
  • 2 Rocket Artilleries
  • 2 Crushers

In total there are almost 35 defences. This amount of defence makes it very hard to destroy. Though most of the defences like cannons (12) and multi cannons (2) are ground targeted, they can be avoided by using air troops. New troop Rocket Balloon can be used to make a new attack strategy for Balloon Lagoon.

Clan Capital Base Layouts

Rapid Rockets

Rapid Rockets can reach level 5 at max. The damage per second of rapid rockets at max level is 530, burst fire is 5 shots, damage per hit is 231 while the hit-points are 1,900. Its favourite targets are any, it is single targeted and attacks only air troops.

To upgrade it to max level Capital Peak level 10 is required while the Balloon Lagoon’s district hall level 5 is must.

Multi Cannons

At maximum its level can reach up to 5 with 2 multi cannons numbers till end. At max level it has damage per second of 333, damage per shot is 120 and hit points are 2,800. Nulti cannon is a single target weapon which attacks only ground troops. It doesn’t play favourites and has no favourite target.

In order to upgrade it to max, the clan will require capital peak level 9 and district hall level 5 with a contribution of 45,000 capital gold.


Cannons are very common from home village to district halls. The cannon situated here has the damage per second of 150 and hit-points of 1,450. Cannon comes with a single target with no area splash.

Though the cannon here has slow attacking speed, in total it deals heavy damage to the attacker. Drawback of the cannon is that it attacks only ground targets. Therefore, the air troops can take down the cannons with no effort.

Bomb Tower

Same as cannon, bomb tower too is found in village home base. Unique ability of bomb tower is it burst when destroyed. Summons like skeletons stands no chance surviving the burst of bomb tower.

Bomb tower has ability of area splash which deals heavy damage to group of attacker troops. It too has no favourite target and attacks only ground troops.

Spear Thrower

Very intimidatingly, it throws spears at the attacking troops both in air and on ground too. It is a single targeted defence which too has no favourite target. I.e., it attacks any troop that it sees first.

Spear thrower has the plus point that it Clan Capital Army all troops whether air or ground.

Air Defence

As the most of the defences in balloon lagoons are ground targeted, air defence completes the drawback. Air defence is considered very deadly against the flying swarms. Though it is single targeted, it deals huge damage to it.

But it too comes with a drawback - it can’t protect itself from ground troops. Ground troops can take air defence down in no time.

Clan Capital Layouts

Clan Capital Base Layout is one of the essential factors that can determine if your team will lose or get a victory. Not only the participation of players matters but how they attack with teamwork matters too.

This is why, concept of building a highly secured village with COC Base Layout is put forth by many experts.

Clan Capital Base Layout Link

Capital Peak

  • High Hit point of 18,000
  • Extreme damage per second : 100
  • Range : 15 Tiles
  • Favorite Target : Any

clan capital base layout

Apart from attacking areas, defences play a vital role in every raid weekend. So there will be a requirement of Clan Capital Base Layout Link for instant results that will make it difficult for opponents to earn raid medals.

Base Link : Clan Capital Base Layout

Capital Hall

  • Primary Defence
  • Weapon loaded building
  • Long range
  • Area Splash
  • Can kill troops in healing spell

clan capital base layout link

Demands on Capital Peak Layout COC has expectations on how a base should be built which can secure the capital hall even if a pro attacker joins the battle.

In order to have the best clan capital base labour, there should be a clear idea of defences, troops, walls and other factors including scenery.

Unlike the previous level, Capital Hall 2 base layout turns out to be different in terms of everything from strength to capital army.

Capital Hall Base Layout

Capital Hall Level 2

  • Called heart of Capital
  • Hit points : 14,000
  • Damage per second : 80
  • Damage type : Area Splash

capital hall 2 base layout

Supercell has provided the option to build its own base or copy paste base layout from the link. Both of these options are great when compared from player to player.

Some players have been playing COC for years so they have a clear cut idea of COC Clan Peak Layout.

Base Design : Barbarian Camp Base Layout

Barbarian Camp Layout

Barbarian Camp level 1

Similar thing is expected in the Barbarian Camp Layout. First level is normal while players get confused as things get messy after several upgrades of COC Capital Hall Base Layout.

capital peak layout coc

New defence makes it tougher to three star while spells add more flavour to clan capital attack strategy. This is continue to happen every time for weekly basis just like infinity loop

Barbarian Camp level 2

  • Upgraded version
  • Spells unlocked
  • Tougher than before
  • Amazing decorations

COC Capital Layout can be classified into a variety of types like Air or ground type. Anti Capital Hall or anti 3 star are one of the most powerful war bases.

It is suggested to have the most secured village for a clan with help of Clan Capital Base Link. Grab this one time offer to get a premium base layout for free.

barbarian camp layout

Usually level 2 of any district will have drastic changes in attacking as well as clan capital army composition. Barbarian Camp and Wizard Valley unlock beneficial spells like Healing spells which help players and their teammates for a long time.

This is right time to convey yourself to have Clan Capital Base Layout Level 2 for surprising winning strike in upcoming raids

Players have faced problems to protect Clan Capital Base Layout level 2 while troops lead winning celebrations as their struggle was worth it.

Super Wizards and Giants are a powerful combination which can easily defeat the Clash of Clans base layout.

coc capital peak layout

Capital peak has a capital hall which works similar to eagle artillery that attacks troops with area splash. While it is limited to certain tiles of range.

Using the Capital Peak Layout COC is best to surprise the whole clan by defending the base against many attacks to conquer a single base.

Capital Hall can easily kill troops while they are present in healing spells. This seems to be really frightening but still players are able to take down the whole base.

coc capital hall base layout

That is why new features should be fulfilled with the Capital Hall w base layout link. Make sure to copy layout for instance results than to regret later.

Capital Hall Level 2 is generally unlocked by most clans while some have successfully constructed a capital hall base layout.

This is not an easy task as most players have no skill or ability that can make them look cool within the clan by doing this type of stuff.

clan capital base link

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