Clan Capital Super Dragons Attack Strategy (BEST)

Best Attack Strategy in Clan Capital - Super Dragons: 4 Super Dragons, 6 Rocket Balloons, 2 Rage and 1 Lightening Spell.
Super Dragon Clan Capital Attack Strategy

Super Dragon in Clan Capital is a new troop unlocked by building Super Dragon Barracks. Clan will need to unlock Dragon's Cliff to claim Super Dragon in the army deck.

Clash of Clans developers have given a tag line for Super Dragon: Sometimes having a Fire inside of you isn't enough. The Super Dragon has Fires on the inside, outside, and if he gets to do his thing, all around him!

Super Dragon (Clan Capital) - Overview

Super Dragon is very powerful with its damage per second of 552. Deadliness is enhanced with 7,000 hit points. It makes it hard to defend against the Super Dragon.

Super Dragon in Clan Capital

Characteristics of Super Dragon

  • Damage Per Second: 552
  • Hit-points: 7000
  • Favourite Targets: Any
  • Damage Type: Area Splash
  • Target: Air & Ground
  • Housing Space: 40
  • Movement speed: 10

Attack Strategy with Super Dragons in Clan Capital

Attack Strategy 1

As super dragons have huge hit points, we will use them to shield our rocket balloons. Rocket balloons are raged in its first 4 seconds. So rocket balloons will do the work of taking down defences.

Super Dragon Attack Strategy 1 - Troops

  • 4 Super Dragons
  • 6 rocket lagoons
  • 1 lightning spell
  • 2 rage spells

(Here rage spells are not compulsory, you can take 1 heal spell. Heal spell will help in fighting against Super Dragon Posts)

Super Dragon Attack Strategy

Step 1: Take Down Inferno and SD Post
Look at the base carefully and try to find out the weaknesses. This attack strategy with super dragons is very vulnerable to inferno towers and super dragon posts.

In the first attack, we will try to take down these defences as much as possible. If we are not able to do so, we will deliver spells at the correct place for the next attacker.

Most of the time Inferno Towers will be single targeted. Lure a dragon and follow it with 1 set of rocket balloons. Rocket balloons will destroy inferno towers, while super dragons will protect balloons.

Step 2: Reset Inferno with Lightning Spell
Most of us are unaware of this tip. When you think the single target infernos are on its max power then use a lightning spell to reset its damage.

Using only one lightning spell will relocate inferno tower's target and damage will start again. This much time is enough for balloons to take down the inferno.

Step 3: Take Down Super Dragon Posts
Super Dragon Posts are too powerful, same as the Super Dragon Troop. They too have an area splash attacking type.

As stated earlier, we can use a heal spell to eradicate Super Dragon Posts. The Healing spell will help our dragon to survive against the next one.

While the dragons are on clash, use a set of balloons to take down surrounding defences. This will utilise our time as well as defences will be distracted by dragons.

Till now, two attacks will have been used. If wizard towers and posts are destroyed, we will destroy other damaging buildings like spear thrower, air defence and air bombs.

Attack Strategy 2

Second attack strategy with super dragon is a little bit different, but really effective, same as the first one. Here we have added a flying fortress to protect our super dragons and rocket balloons.

Super Dragon Attack Strategy 2 - Troops

  • 3 Super Dragons
  • 1 Flying Fortress
  • 2 Rocket Balloons
  • 1 Heal Spell
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 1 Lightning Spell

Super Dragon Army

Step 1: Take Down Super Dragon Posts
As in the first attack strategy, we took down Infernos Towers and Posts, the same we will do here. But with a little change.

We will not fear for Inferno, as flying Fortress will take care of it. Flying Fortress will protect super dragons from posts as well as from Inferno's damage.

First, lure a Flying Fortress and follow it with a super dragon and one set of Rocket Balloons. Use a rage spell if the defences are too much. Heal spells can also be used if the damage is really serious.

Step 2: Clean Up
Step 1 will take approximately take two attacks. If both attacks are done and both the defences are taken down, let us proceed to the second step.

If Flying Fortress is destroyed we will use super dragons to protect rocket balloons. Use super dragons to clean up the defences and surrounding buildings.

Now in the next attack, we can proceed with the same army or with the army mentioned in the first attack.
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