Dragon Cliff Base Layouts with Links (Clan Capital Base Design)

Check out this undefeated Base Layouts and Base Designs for Dragon Cliff, Clan Capital.
Dragon Cliffs Base Layouts

Dragon Cliffs is a sixth district hall in the clan capital. It is considered to be very difficult to fully destroy in three attacks. Averagely it takes up to 5 attacks to do so.

Dragon Cliffs derived its name from the stuffing of Clan Capital Super Dragon Strategy. Super Dragon Posts are very lethal to ground troops. Beware of it.

Clan needs to upgrade Capital Peak to level 5 to unlock Super Dragon Cliffs. This base comes with Super Dragon Troop too. To unlock Super Dragon, level 2 district hall is required.

Dragon Cliffs Base Layouts

Dragon Cliffs Clan Capital Base Layouts

Dragon Cliffs Level Base Layouts

Dragon Cliffs at max level i.e. 5, is the glory of its strengths. There are plenty of new defences introduced at this level. Super Dragon Posts are one of them.

Characteristics of Super Dragon Posts

  • Hit points: 7,000
  • Damage Per Second: 552
  • Favourite Targets: Any
  • Damage Type: Area Splash
  • Housing Space: 40
  • Movement Speed: 10
Super Dragon has the same dragon that floats on Super Dragon Cliffs. Both are considered to be very lethal to ground troops.

Dragon Cliffs Clan Capital Base Layouts

Ground troops possess no chance of survival against the Super Dragons. Super Dragon's deals continuous damage that is also spread to surrounding buildings too.

Defences in Dragon Cliffs District Hall

  • Super Dragon Posts: 6
  • Air Defence: 7
  • Wizard Tower: 4
  • Cannons: 8
  • Air Bombs: 2
  • Spear Thrower: 12
  • Zap Trap: 5
  • Bomb Tower: 3
  • Inferno Towers: 2
  • Blast Bow: 1
  • Log Trap: 1

Dragon Cliffs Base Design

Dragon Cliffs Clan Capital Base Layouts

Dragon Cliffs is not only good at its strength, but also rich at its scenic beauty. There are two entrances, one at the 12 o'clock and other at 6 o'clock. At the entry of 12 o’clock, there is a beautifully constructed bridge for crossing rivers.

River is created by a waterfall falling from an unknown source. (Maybe from the magical land of supercell.) This entrance is guarded by a barbarian statue, which is a tribute to the first troop all users ever used.

the 6 o'clock entry is considered to be a point for attackers. While the entry at 12 o'clock is a hideout for builders and their co-worker. Hideout is decorated with pillars. These pillars are decorative and can only be achieved through removal of obstacles.

Dragon Cliffs Clan Capital Base Layouts

Pillars sometimes are surrounded with magic bushes which also can be removed. COC Developers has induced Dragons Cliffs with some decorative line ups, such as Pillars, Great Pyre and some dead tree trunks.

If players notice, they will find some crystals grown randomly on the whole district’s surroundings. Though they seem precious (worth a billion) but they can't be touched by us as well as by attackers. There are also some magical floating lands in the surroundings of the district.

No-one knows what magical power is making the pieces of land to float on air. Same as the crystals, these lands are untouched. We can’t get on them, same goes for the attackers too.

As mentioned earlier, the river is formed by waterfall. Actually, the river is formed by two waterfalls. The second waterfall is on the left side. At the bank of the river on the left side, there is a statue of a wizard. Maybe a tribute.

This is not only for Dragon Cliffs. Other districts like capital peak too have the same scenic beauty. If you visit the Capital Hall, you will see a giant with a large key on its hand. The giant's head is covered with eggs laid by birds.
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