Making of Clash of Clans Clan Capital Dev Update

Jay Kakade

Making of Clan Capital Dev Update

Clash of Clans released an update which is considered as the biggest update in the history of COC. This update is called Clan Capital Update while many inactive players have been seen to remain active for quite a long time after this update came. COC has revealed the secret behind making the Clash of Clans Dev update.

COC's official YouTube channel released a green screen and behind the scenes video of how the Welcome to Clan Capital video was made. This video included behind the scenes as well as hard work and efforts put by not only video characters but all the team members.

Making of Clan Capital Dev Update

From sitting on a beach watching the sea to flying inside balloons to reach Clan Capital, every journey is depicted through cut scenes. Lots of fun and retakes were seen in the video that was appreciated by people. Since it was a big event for Supercell, it just released videos on Twitter as well as YouTube.

Currently clan capital raid weekends are going in Clash of Clans. Mountain Golem as well as Flying Fortress was seen in Dev Update while crew members faced an attack of many defences. This video was super fun for COC players.

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