Skeleton King and Royal Ghost as Two New Clash Mini Characters

Jay Kakade

Skeleton King and Royal Ghost Clash Mini

Clash Mini is another super cool Supercell Universe game that is trending nowadays as it is gaining popularity over time. New events and updates have made a more significant impact over the gameplay of the Clash Mini game. New updates are released with the arrival of Skeleton Skin and Royal Ghost.

New character are introduced into Clash Mini game which are super level compared to previous characters. Skeleton King is hero while Royal Ghost is Mini just like other Clash Mini.

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New Characters in Clash Mini

Skeleton King Clash Mini

Skeleton King Clash Mini

Skeleton King is the newest hero brought by Supercell in Clash Mini which holds more than three super abilities that can clean off every Mini of an opponent enemy. Skeleton King looks a little bit spooky while his powers are worth testing. Let there be a single Mini troop or bunch of Mini but Skeleton King will be always ready to smash them into pieces.

Abilities of Skeleton King

  • Damage 3 Mini at a time
  • Damages single mini 3 times more
  • I am Back Super Ability

Damage 3 Mini at a time

Clash Mini Skeleton King has power to damage 3 mini troops at a time. This means Skeleton King can battle against 3 or more mini with ease and can defeat them easily. This is the best ability that any hero holds. Clash Mini heroes have got bigger attention and hence they are on verge to become more powerful than before.

Damages single mini 3 times more

Skeleton King can attack 3 mini at a time but when it is set to battle with a single mini troop, it affects mini with 3 times more damage compared to previous attack damage. This is super fun for each player that has Skeleton King as hero in their army. Skeleton King has high speed which helps him to attack faster than his enemies which is shocking.

I am Back Ability

I am Back is super abilities by Skeleton King which is its third super power that destroys every opponent mini. When this ability is unlocked, when used increases the strength and power of Skeleton King while it gets additional health of 6 HP for each Skeleton King. While this ability can only be used once per battle.

Royal Ghost Clash Mini

Clash Mini Royal Ghost

Royal Ghost is the newest mini introduced in Clash Mini that holds multiple ghost like powers that's why he is named as Royal Ghost. Royal Ghost can damage opponents while it can get invisible for 4 seconds. Not only can Royal Ghost make their Teammates invisible but also protect them for sometime.

Royal Ghost damages 2 hit points while it costs 6 elixir. Beside this, Royal Ghost can be listed as top Clash mini troop that is awesome as well as strange. Clash Mini continues to add new mini while Skeleton King and Royal Ghost are one of them. Let's battle with these Super Mini troops.

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