Clash of Clans: Base Layouts

Clash of Clans introduced Clan Capital, and players are on the search for ultimate and incredible Clan Capital Base Layouts for their capital peak. Capital peak is the single most important village in the newly introduced base. With the arrival of Clan Capital, players are busy contributing capital gold to upgrade various ruins and build strong defenses that can withstand raids during raid weekends.

As far now, there is no provision for clan capital base layout links. Therefore, players (leader and co-leaders) will need to customize the base with their efforts. However, soon the copy-layout option will be available for this village as well.

Clash of Clans: Clan Capital – Capital Peak Base Layout

clan capital base layout

Base Layout is a must-like thing to make the base look pro and strong. In order to defend the clan capital against raids, there is a need for a strong base that ensures the bases are perfect against every attack. The Good Clan capital base includes stability and resistance to the ground as well as air attacks.

In the given base, every building is placed after proper management of the layout. The peak is fully covered with other buildings, giving it full-fledged security.

capital peak base layout

In this case, the capital peak is heavily protected by Inferno towers, rockets, and other lethal defenses. And as the peak is attacking the unit, it gives time to take down enemy units. Apart from the peak centrality, the unity among the defenses is also shown here.

capitol peak base layout
Maybe some of us say that the layout is so silly, but the taking down of capital peak is extremely difficult in such bases. However, the same could be taken down by the attackers with ease, if they have a proper attack strategy. But still may face difficulties in this base, which makes it a good choice to include.

Clan capital layouts
And the indeed ultimate base is here. Can players really defeat this base in 4 to 5 attacks? Actually, NO. As all the players are rookies here, therefore most of the time the players will surely have no easy effort in taking out the village. The highly-profiled bases are secured with walls. This will increase the efforts of attacker, but all will be in vain.

COC Clan capital base layout
And the reason to include this base is clear, the stuffing of defense levels. Just by looking at the base, the attackers will be scared. Their proper attack strategies will be lost here, as first, they will need to destroy all the surroundings to get into the layout. And again, the attacker will be welcomed by defenses. This will surely add versatility to our Capital Peak.

Even though the bases look really professional, they still can be taken down by enemies by having multiple attacks. therefore our goal is to increase their attack number to 6 to 7. And these bases do the same.

By Jay Kakade

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