Clash of Clan: Clan Games January 2023

Clash of Clans Lunar Clan games of January 2023 has arrived with fascinating rewards for each and every supporting member of the clan. Here is a rewards list of clan games with a bonus reward for players who outperform in this event.

COC Clan Games Rewards January 2023

Another coc team event to win magical items, along with rare books, runes, and portions. As usual, some bags of gems, a percentage treasury of gold, elixir, and dark elixir are also available to claim. For high town hall level, shovel of obstacle as a weapon to decorate Town Hall.

Clan Games Reward List:

Tier 1 – 20% elixir, 1 clock portion, 20 gems
Tier 2 – 30% gold, 2 power portions, 1 train boost
Tier 3 – 4 ring walls, shovel of an obstacle, 50 gems
Tier 4 – 80% elixir, 1 builder portion,
Tier 5 – 100% dark elixir, 1 rune of builder elixir, 2 research portion
Tier 6 – 1 builder portion, 1 rune of builder gold, 100 gems
Tier 7 – book of building, shovel of obstacles

How to Claim rewards in clan games?

In order to claim tier 1 and upcoming rewards, players may complete challenges in the builder base or main base, or capital hall. Once a clan crosses 3000+ points, each player who participated in the clan game has a chance to claim rewards. Further, after collecting a sum of 4000 points from 23 to 28 January, extra bonus reward is too available. It is advised to claim higher tier-level items to make it a profitable deal.

Tips for completing Clan Games fast

Tip 1: select challenges that can be easily completed within the current army or via donation.

Tip 2: Try to focus on the challenge aim (trophy dropping or attacks without caring for wins every single attack is always welcomed)

Tip 3: Start challenges that give high clan points (usually these challenges are hard but they may reward with good points)

Tip 4: Playing builder base is a proven technique to complete events faster with more ease.

Clan Games is a monthly event occurring in strategy-based Clash of Clans Clan games. Players must at least score a point to be eligible to claim all rewards. However, the players scoring the average threshold are qualified to assert extra rewards.

By Jay Kakade

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