Town Hall 8 Guide

Crossing Town Hall 7 and reaching Town Hall 8 is a remarkable change in the game Clash of Clans. Town Hall 8 adds some new troops to the inventory. PEKKA, Golem, and Valkyrie are among the new additions of troops which are accessible now.

As the game is strategy-focused, players can have numbers of them to climb up in Clash of Clans. Still, some of us might find it really difficult to get familiar with Town Hall 8 new mechanisms, resources, and also about leagues.

Clashers who demand to be among the top players in the coming future will require to set their strategies in the game. And to ease these efforts here is a comprehensive guide on Dominating Town Hall 8 in Clash of Clans.

Unleashing the Power of Town Hall 8: A Guide to Domination

Don’t be too hasty

Town Hall 8
Town Hall 8 (Image via Judo Sloth Gaming)

Don’t be too eager to buy new defensive buildings too early. Players are advised to not buy new buildings because it will take time to upgrade them, adding stress to resources. Just entering Town Hall 8 doesn’t ensure high loot. Therefore, players will rely on internal sources of resources like dark elixir, elixir, and gold collectors. Attacking is also a way to do so, but the clashes who enjoy the game for refreshing will not be able to count on it.

Therefore one easy way to get them is to drop the trophies. Now as the trophies are low and we are placed in a lower league, the bases we will encounter will be rushed ones. These can just be looted by a small fraction of the army.

Prioritize upgrades

Town Hall 8 Upgrade Guide
Town Hall 8 Upgrade Guide (Image via Boss La)

By not buying new additions, we will prioritize our utmost priority, i.e., the laboratory, Clan Castle, the barracks, and collectors. Clashers are advised to upgrade these buildings first.

The laboratory is our main focus as the building will enable access to high-level troops. And the troops will work for us to get gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

After the lab, the clan castle must be set to work. The clan cattle will increase its capacity by 5 housing spaces and most important, players will now be able to request spells. And now is the time for the collectors.

Once the collectors and dark barracks are upgraded, they will keep on adding high input to our base. The next priority for upgrades will be heroes.

This is because the heroes are the ones that will help us more than any other troops. It is the archer queen that will be used to take down clan castle troops from bases, and the barbarian king that will protect the queen from damage. These two shares mutual coexistence.

However, the given upgrades are no joke. This will surely take time. Therefore, the heroes must be upgraded parallelly with the elixir troops. Once the elixir troops are done, the focus should be on the dark troops. If we do a simple calculation, the two heroes will occupy 2 builders (assuming that players have made 5 builders), and 2 will be for the collectors. We are still left with one which can be used to utilize gold by upgrading buildings.

Buy leftover buildings

Once the prioritized upgrades are almost done, the gamers can buy new defensive buildings. As the major upgrades are done, the defenses will be left with tons of gold that can be used to upgrade them. After buying them and upgrading the players will be advised to turn their luck toward the wall.

The major mistake players do here is they upgrade walls in their initial time. As the walls are too expensive to upgrade, this delays their fast upgrading process.

Now climb up on the league

Best Strategies
Best Strategies (Image via Judo Sloth)

There is no doubt about climbing up in the league once the upgrades are finished. Town Hall 8 will take some effort to reach the champion league, but it’s not impossible. Most of the clan members have managed to get into the Titan League as well.

Some of us might think about which army composition to use to get Town Hall 8 in Champion League. Well, the army we recommend is not too complex to use.

How to get into Champion League at Town Hall 8?

Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy
Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy (Image via Kenny Jo)

As the Town Hall will proceed into higher leagues, players will see a higher number of level town halls. Therefore one must find TH8 or TH9 to start the attack. The given attack strategy will get 3 stars on TH8 and two stars on TH9. It is not recommended to execute it on TH10 or TH11.

Army composition

  • 2 golem
  • 9 Valkeryie
  • 1 hog
  • 10 wizards
  • 5 wall breakers
  • 5 archers
  • 4 earthquake spells
  • 1 rage spell
  • 1 poison spell
  • Clan Castle: PEKKA

How to execute the attack strategy?

Step 1: Use the earthquake spells to create a funnel for troops to enter into the base. 4 Earthquake spells will destroy all the walls of any level that comes in its way.

Step 2: Use 2 golems and follow them with some wizards. Use wall breakers to destroy the walls to enter into the base layout. Once the golem has engaged all the defenses, and wizards have taken down clan castle troops, deploy all 9 valkyries into the base.

Step 3: Deploy valkyries in such a way that they will head directly to the Town Hall. This will ensure one star of Town Hall and golems and wizards will ensure another star of 50% damage. And the victory is ours.

Even though the attack seems simple, one must spend time dealing with the problems it faces. The attack strategy and the army composition must be changed with given circumstances and situations. Try to follow the given steps and the tips mentioned to max the base fast and get yourself placed into higher leagues.

By Jay Kakade

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