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SciSuggest covers the latest Gaming and Technology, Guides, News, and Updates. SciSuggest team thoroughly researches the latest Tech and Gaming News to identify its reliability and provide the most accurate news in the fastest possible way.

SciSuggest covers news from various authentic sources all across the internet. Reliability on SciSuggest is appreciated very closely.


SciSuggest publishes articles with a single agenda of educating people with accurate and reliable data. SciSuggest is a free news platform which can be used by everyone.

We are trying to cover updates and news occurring and shaping the gaming world. SciSuggest not only covers news and updates, but also guides and sometimes editorials as well.


SciSuggest publishers are highly professionalized and have written articles for news giants too.


Jay Kakade

Jay Kakade is Founder and Publisher at SciSuggest. Jay likes to play eSports games and write meaningful articles about it. He is well acquainted with writing eSports news articles. Jay Kakade is also a contributor at:

App Trigger Sportskeeda


Uday Kakade

Uday is a well expert writer on various mobile games and eSports news. Uday loves to write about Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, Clash Mini, Minecraft, 8 Ball Pool, Roblox, and many more.

Senior Editor

Akash Roy

Akash Roy is Senior Editor at SciSuggest who likes to publish articles on Football eSports News and Guides. Akash is a former contributor at Sportskeeda and Everything Barca. He currently contributes to:

Sporticos Foxes of Fleicester


Amar Roy

Amar Roy is the Author at SciSuggest, mainly writing on Guides and Latest Updates. He likes to simplify complex topics to increase his readability. Amar is also the author at

TechGenzy The Gaming Era

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